Lessons & Struggles in Leadership

Personal Mission Statement

I was recently professionally developed at a 2-day project management workshop. As workshops go this was a pretty good one and worth the super early morning drive to Richmond and overnight stay away from my family. One of the highlights for me was the instructor’s challenge for each of us to develop a personal mission statement. Having recently wrapped a year long, sometimes arduous work project to revise our agency’s mission statement I wasn’t too fired up to apply the process to myself. But when I thought about what a mission statement does, and how it can serve as a guide (if this isn’t furthering my mission then why am I doing it?) I was ready to dive in.

After considerable thought and editing I settled on the first iteration of my personal mission statement.  My mission is to live a meaningful, uncompartmentalized life of abundant joy based on the principles of my faith as I nurture and cultivate my God given talents.

It may not be the shortest, snappiest mission statement as it does not fit neatly on a bumper sticker. But I think it accurately sums up where I want to go and who I want to be. I want to continue tearing down the walls that have divided my life between school and church, friends and family, and give everyone all of me; I want to live according to the principles of my faith which I know will only build upon the joy I already fill. And finally I want to do justice to the gifts and talents God has given me and not feel like I have buried them in the ground for safe keeping.

So, there’s my first attempt. The workshop instructor recommended revisiting your mission statement every 90 days; it’ll be interesting to see where the journey takes me and how this evolves.


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